FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate is when people only visit 1 page or take no further action before leaving the site. Search Engines would like to see people visit more than one page before leaving. This does cause a tracking challenge for websites that are only 1 page, as there is nowhere else for people to go.

Doesn’t Google automatically know all the terms related to my business?

The short answer is no. Search Engines are not people, they are a visual display of algorithms from data collected by bots. Having properly structured pages with headings, keywords and descriptions help get you found. This can take a few months, and there are many factors that need to completed up to get specific term ranking well.

I find my company when I type it into Google, so what can you do?

Getting found by your company name is easy, however that means only people who know your company name find you. You want to be found for more that just your company name and there are other steps that need to be completed. We work with you to figure out the terms you want to be found for and the complementary words that help you get noticed.

What increase in traffic can I expect?

The growth rate varies based on your audience and industry. However typically an average growth rate is around 5-10%. If you see increased traffic of 40% that would be considered an anomaly and not a sustainable number. There is also a plateau that needs to be maintained.

Can't you just do the SEO once?

We can do a one time SEO boost. During those 3 months you will notice an increase in traffic and improved ranking on most result pages. Your business goal should be to constantly engage and update your site visitors – Never be stale.

Why is my site slow?

A slow website is usually caused by multiple things happening at once. Large images, an underpowered host (server), poorly coded 3rd party plugins, and no CDN (Content Delivery Network) are a the most common culprits.

Can you secure my WordPress site?

An easier question to answer would be. “Can you secure my WordPress site?” That answer is yes. Having an active and up-to-date firewall at the server level is the 1st step. 2nd a properly configured plugin such as Wordfence and 3rd utilizing a proxy service such as CloudFlare. We do all of the these.

Why do you prefer to manage my hosting?

Primarily It’s for control over worst case scenarios; Having to chase down 3rd party vendors takes time. Secondly we’re able to make performance tweaks much easier. We also include hosting in all of our maintenance plans, saving you money.

Why do you use Cloudflare?

Cloudflare puts a layer between your site and the visitor.  It provides an essential layer of protection while offering a nice performance boost to most sites.

Does PPC advertising really work?

Yes. There are many variables that contribute to a PPC campaigns effectiveness. For some people many of the advertising platforms make it look simple to create and manage the campaign with a budget they can afford.

How often do you need a website refresh?

We recommend reviewing your static content and structure every 2-3 years. Giving your site a refresh avoids a stagnant user experience for your clients. It’s time to share who you’ve become in a more user-friendly way.

What does a social media marketing strategy mean?

Putting a strategy together for your social media content will guide the type of content you publish, the businesses you connect or share with, and the type of audience you’re trying to attract. Without a clearly defined plan, it will be harder to succeed.