Bringing people to your website, and having them stay to read your content can be a daunting task.  A well written page or post can be ignored by search engines for several reasons, below you’ll find our top 3 findings to increase your website traffic:

1. Content | Vague is Sometimes Better, but Not Always

Don’t expect people searching for your content to understand the little nuances of your business.  Try and avoid acronyms unless you are absolutely positive a visitor to your site knows what it means.  If you must use them, make sure you have them linked to a definition.

For example:  And this is my assumption of course, most people don’t know what a SERP is.  Even better than external linking to Wikipedia, would be to have a glossary on your website.

2. Titles & Headlines | Watching Paint Dry for Canadians

Even if you’re writing an article on drying paint, I’ll bet you can come up with an exciting title too.

3. Social Media | 1 Like is More Than 0

Either the greatest achievement in the world or the biggest bane on human productivity ever.  Opinions aside, all those “wasted” hours are spent reading what could be your content, generating you revenue and new clients.  Linking Social Media to your site is a must, not a maybe.

Your time is valuable, and we know that you don’t always have the time to put in the effort your online presence deserves. We have several customizable options to make sure your message is being received by the people you want to receive it.

You run your business, we’ll run your website