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Your website is a marketing tool for your business and should be aligned with your marketing budget
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Increase Website Traffic

More website traffic means more customers, increase your growth with our customizable plans to maximize your ROI

Engage your Community

Get people talking about stories, events, and promotions that impact your business, community, and customers

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click Ad's give a boost to your website, getting your name front and center, with both brand recognition and search terms

Increase brand awareness and website traffic today!

News & Social Media

You want to show people, and search engines, that you are experts in your field and your site content is trustworthy. An effective way to do this is with Monthly News Articles that get shared to social media and link back to the site. 

By sharing articles, you show engagement with your community and clientele. This has the added benefit of funneling external traffic to your website. 

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Brand awareness is about ensuring your brand and services are recognized by your potential and existing customers. 

Utilizing special tools to actively market to your prospective and current clients, your logo and ad will be present in Facebook, Google, and affiliated websites. 

We configure, launch, and maintain a combination of social media Ad Campaigns that correspond with posts (from your News page) and your primary website content. 

SEO & Website Traffic

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

We practice industry writing standards when creating content for your website. Our process involves updating and adding content to the website and posting news/events. We also run a variety of ads that include both the site-specific keywords, phrases, and common terms for your services. It is important to remember that how you discuss your business may not be the same as a layperson trying to find it.

Reviewing those terms quarterly is important as trends continue to change and what people were searching for then may not be what they are looking for today.

Site Health & Security

Websites use a fair amount of 3rd party code (plugins). From time-to-time exploits can be found that need to be patched. The average website will have at least 1 or 2 of these per month. There are also improvements such as features, and performance updates released regularly. 

Your site will be connected to our management dashboard where these critical items can be addressed quickly and without affecting your site’s uptime. 

How we do it

We take all the facets of your business, laisse with your chosen staff member(s), and coordinate an ongoing marketing and site maintenance strategy. You are provided with a content update schedule and a monthly report to keep you fully appraised of your site’s health and performance. 

Expectations & Requirements

While we also do a deep scan of your business and a competitor analysis to maximize keywords and phrases, it is also beneficial to have a list provided by you.  

We also schedule a 15-30 minute monthly phone call to review and plan for the monthly activities.  Keeping everyone engaged and up to date is essential and maximizes your ROI. 

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KzS is a local Kelowna business that specializes in Brand Recognition, SEO, Pay-Per-Click ads, and Website Performance. Our highly specialized team includes developers, designers, copywriters & SEO experts. Each team member specializes in their field and works hand-in-hand with the other team members to ensure your company gets exactly what you asked for and most importantly, what you need. 

We pride ourselves on our results that we do not need to lock you into contracts. Our work speaks for itself and we go out of our way to give you the best – every time. We are selective about who we bring into the fold, ensuring that all the personalities both in our team and yours fit like a glove.

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