Having a website in today’s world is pretty much nonnegotiable for all businesses. If you are a new business, or are just thinking about starting a new business, here is some information about what you need to look into.

Most businesses spend somewhere between $5,000-$20,000 on designing a website and getting it launched. That is just one step however, getting your site found is a huge portion of what is required. If you create your website but don’t work on getting ranked in Google then you are essentially working offline.

Hoping people stumble across your website is not a good business plan. Here are some tips about starting your new business website and how KzS can help.

  1. Write a business planwebsite

While this may seem obvious to some, not everyone does this step. This research will help you with key questions like, who is your target audience, who are your competitors, what can you offer that is different from the competition.

It will also help answer questions about your website and what you want your site to accomplish. Are you just planning on having it as a way for people to contact you? Are you planning on selling products online? Are you planning on writing articles to be published on your site?

  1. Get your Domain name

Once you have written your business plan this should help you focus on what you want your Domain to be. Remember when you are looking to register your domain there are some basic tips about things to consider.

Keep it short and don’t use unusual spelling – people generally don’t want to be typing long addresses into the address bar, so if you plan on using something like www.bobsconsultingdesign&aquariumcleaning.com you probably want to shorten that. Remember your Domain doesn’t have to be the same as your legal company name, take KzS for example. Our legal company name is KzS Collaborative IT, however we shortened our domain name just to KzS.ca to make it a quick name for people to remember and type. Word of mouth is very important as well, so if someone is chatting about their website design it’s easy to remember KzS and for people to Google. If our name was long and complicated, or we decided to get creative with the spelling of our name it would cause problems.

  1. Write good content

Content is key. All the search engines scan a sites content now, which has become more important than meta tags. Google like to see the key word or phrase that you want to be found for somewhere within your organic content.

The more content you have on your site the more the search engines can scan, and people like content too. There needs to be a balance between your static content (pages that don’t change) and your dynamic content (changing content) like your blog page. Blog, or news pages, help keep visitors looking for what’s new with your company.

  1. treeImages

Speed is important, but so is quality. So make sure the images on your site are of high quality, but are not too big. A 3GB file for a thumbnail, or any sized image, is not a good idea. There are a number of free websites and downloadable programs that can shrink the size of your photos without affecting the quality. Ideally you want you site to load in less than 1 second. Here is a great link to test out the speed of your site, http://tools.pingdom.com.

  1. Style

Looks do matter – if your site doesn’t catch the eye of the consumer right away, you will lose them. This doesn’t mean big flashy images, or sound to keep people interested just good content that is easy to find. Remember to keep the message about what your company does simple and to the point on the home page. You can always direct them to other pages to get more in-depth if you wish.

Above all, remember that websites are living entities, and can be changed. However try not to change your static content too often.

If this sounds overwhelming, or confusing in anyway, contact KzS. We have a number of flexible package and customizable plans that can help get your business going.  E-mail today.