KzS understands how difficult it can be to write content for your website. That’s why we are introducing the Skinny Site package, for businesses just starting out. After all your website is your marketing tool and having basic information is better than having no information at all.

What is a skinny site?

A skinny site package consists of the following:

  • Home Page
  • Contact Page
  • Domain registration
  • Email
  • 1 year of hosting
  • Starting at $399

startup website

Why start a skinny site?

Your skinny site will consist of basic contact information, a brief description of the company and what you offer.Remember that websites are living entities and should be updated, so don’t put yourself under too much pressure to make a perfect website from the get go.

Your version of perfect website and what the internet deems perfect will be different. So let’s get the basic information out there first, and add content as your business grows.


Having a website with basic information is better than no website at all. Remember you can always add “more coming soon” to entice people to come back.

Contact KzS today via email to discuss your skinny site, after all, our goal is to avoid you looking like this guy while trying to design your website and launch your business at the same time.

skinny websites - avoid pulling your hair out