To Outsource or Not to Outsource – that is the question

Many companies struggle with the question to outsource when considering website design. The upfront cost savings may seem very appealing at first, however costs can add up quickly.

Remember, whether website development is done in house, or outsourced, it’s never free.

If you are having this debate right now, remember there is a lot to factor in.

First do an internal resource review as designing a website requires a team of people

  1. Marketer with heavy online knowledge
  2. Graphic Designer who understands the importance of designing a website
  3. Web Developer who is able to produce mobile friendly code for your site structure, and keep up with updates required
  4. Copywriter – to write content and keep up with the SEO required
  5. Project Manager – to keep the project on budget and on time

Most small-medium sized companies have one or two of these people already employed. It may be beneficial to look at having an in house project manager, or copywriter, to work closely with your outsourced design company.


Evaluating time commitment is the next big, and often overlooked, element to keeping things in-house. Web design is not something that can be done on the side, or in someone’s “down time”. It takes a significant time investment, focus and knowledge to put together a great website.

How much time can be deterred from day-to-day jobs and be allocated to the website project without normal work suffering or them getting overwhelmed? Before you answer analyze your staffs’ track record of completing projects on budget and on time.

The costs associated with in-house website design can quickly get out of control if you don’t stick to a budget and schedule. 

Rick Whittington talks about 3 key reasons why outsourcing can be very beneficial to your project as outlined in this article.

KzS is a local business that can work on your project. We can help bring a fresh perspective, a certified SEO consultant, a developer and much more to your project. We work closely with your project manager to ensure everything will get completed on time and on budget. Send an email and lets talk about your website needs.