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Your website is secure, and your data is protected, behind Cloudflare and Wordfence for an added layer of security. We run scans on sites weekly to make sure there are no vulnerabilities in your website that can cause issues.

Offsite Backups

Sites backups are done monthly, weekly or in some cases hourly to protect the site and content.


We utilize Clouflare for the extra layer of security between your site and visitors.


Unlike some hosting companies, all of our sites come with automatic SSL at no extra charge. 

website hosting

WordPress hosting

Our Managed WordPress Hosting Plans give you peace of mind and offer simplicity by having everything under one roof. We take care of everything including website and plugin updates, backups and server checks.

We’re experts in wordpress hosting

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Frequently Asked
Hosting Questions

A slow website is usually caused by multiple things happening at once. Large images, an underpowered host (server), poorly coded 3rd party plugins, and no CDN (Content Delivery Network) are the most common culprits.

Yes. Having an active and up-to-date firewall at the server level is the 1st step. 2nd a properly configured plugin such as Wordfence and 3rd utilizing a proxy service such as Cloudflare. We do all of these.

Primarily it’s for control over worst-case scenarios; Having to chase down 3rd party vendors takes time. Secondly, we’re able to make performance tweaks much easier. We also include hosting in all of our maintenance plans, saving you money.

Cloudflare puts a layer between your site and the visitor.  It provides an essential layer of protection while offering a nice performance boost to most sites.

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